The Berlin Fashion show or how to be different!

Have you noticed that no matter if Gucci, Givenchy, Zara or H&M we are wearing all the same stuff? Isn’t it boring? What about trying something different? Then come with me to the Berlin Fashion show!

Do you feel like having a mexican fiesta and wearing flowers in your hair and painting a skull on your face?

Are you looking for colors instead of the usual black?

Or hot and sexy is your style?

No matter what, you are going to find in the Berlin catwalk the kind-of-different you are looking for. And if you are bored of the usual locations for the catwalk, come to the underground and take a sit.

And, very important, most of the fashion shows and events are is eco-minded. Berlin, as on of the most ecological city in the world (the house of parliament – Der Reichstag – is the only one in the world energetically self-sufficient), could only have a “green” fashion week.

So, have a look at pictures and videos and let me know if you have found new ideas for next summer.


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